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Physically Challenged Youth Lifestyle Pages

About Us

Purpose of this Website

As an advocate for disabled youth aged 8-25 years old, this website was established as an educational tool and as a means for our members to express their interests in fashion, beauty tips, and useful learning links.

Are you in need of an advocate?

If you are in need of services or equipment for your special needs child, please follow this link to find an advocate near you.

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Bulletin Board

Highway Conditions and Border Crossing Information


Before you head out on a family trip, it's always wise to be prepared by checking border crossing wait times and road conditions.

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Public Weather Alerts for Canada


Check public weather alerts before you plan your trip. 

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Are You Ready For An Earthquake?


It's time to get serious about preparing your family for an earthquake.  

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Prepare For An Outage Before It Happens


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How To Build a 72-Hour Emergency Kit


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Winter Smarts - Learn How To Be Prepared


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Useful Links

List of links.

A list of all merchants and services recommended by our members through first hand experience.  These links are not sponsored links.  We do not receive a fee for the referrals.

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Fashion and Beauty Trends

Fashion and beauty

Are you a fashion diva?  On these pages we will cover the latest runway trends and how they translate to street wearable fashion.

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Healthy Budget Friendly Meals


Life & style doesn't need to seem like an impossible task.  Here we will scour local markets and consult local chefs for tips on how to make healthy purchases and cook meals to nurture your soul.

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