Egg Characters


Who says all your Easter eggs have to look the same? Adhere faux flower petals, buds, and leaves to coloured eggs using a hot glue gun (or paint ceramic eggs you can re-use each spring!).

Popsicle Stick Bunny


What a good idea.  This bunny will even look good on your table all year long.


Embroidery Hoop Wall Decoration


Possibilities are endless with this craft, thanks to Haeley of designimprovised.com.  

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Meringue Wreath


An Easter wreath that doubles as a light, fruity dessert? That's just genius.  Thanks Woman's Day.


Easter Home Decor


 Mindy, a Jelly Belly brand ambassador and creator of getcreativejuice.com, designed this idea.  Jelly beans of any colour can be used along with a  bird or bunny hidden in the flowers.


Almond Bluebirds


Sweet Sugarbelle's  healthy and easy to make almond Easter treat  your family can enjoy.  I  added tiny yellow chicks to the bluebirds.  Together these little treats looked  delightful in a candy dish.



Cupid's Arrow Snacks

Cupid's arrow pretzel snacks.

Get creative.  Use celery sticks with radishes shaped as hearts, cheese sticks with apple, or chocolate fingers with strawberries.

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Crayon Hearts


These translucent hanging hearts are easy to make from waxed paper and crayons. In return, sunbeams will   color your room with cheer.

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XO Door Hanger

XO Valentine's Day Cardboard door hanger

Lauren Conrad's XO cardboard door hanger.  Change it up to reflect your colour preferences.

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Heart Pin Cushion


For the friends that sew...hint, hint.


Battery Powered Wall Art

Cardboard Valentine's Day Wall Hearts

Hearts on the wall! We used heart-shaped cardboard boxes to create a pair of Lite Brite Hearts as well as a simple, chic Chalkboard Clock.


Heart Shaped Carrots

Heart shaped Valentine's Day carrots

Add to your favourite soup or make for lunchbox snacks.

Cutting Tutorial

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Date night Valentine's Day jar.

Each little paper container inside the jar contains a date idea. Each month we will pick one out and we have four weeks to make sure we set aside an evening to do whatever is on the card.

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Conversation Stones

Valentine's Day Conversation stones.

Blogger Lindsay Eidahl made these conversation stones for her and her husband to use over their Valentine's Day dinner. You can print out her free template, or come up with your own topics.


Strawberry Snacks

Creative and healthy strawberry snacks for Valentine's day.

3 Healthy Strawberry Snacks for Valentine’s Day

Wendy, of ModernParentsMessyKids.com says that "while I have no objection to a bit of chocolate and a few conversation hearts, I’d prefer to celebrate the holiday with a few healthier treats — and that’s where strawberries come in", and I totally agree.

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Martha Stewarts Valentine's Day Meringue Letters

Meringue letters for valentine's day.

The possibilities are endless.  Write your own message for your loved ones to enjoy.


Mason Jars Valentine Treats


No instructions required for this craft.  Decorate the jars as you wish and fill them with candy or items for pampering.

Follow the link for some sweet printables.

Decorating and Filling Ideas

Valentine Love Project


Add pictures of just a message.  These letter blocks will fuel your imagination and please the recipient.